Friday, May 11, 2012

Spending time with my Mom for Mother's Day!

Today was a fun day! Got up did my workout, ate my Shakeology for breakfast, then took Lane to school and went to my Mom's as usual. But this time instead of dropping off Laci, I got to spend the day with both of them! It was so much fun to chat and talk, really about nothing, but so much at the same time. We have not been able to spend any time together in the last 6 months and I did not realize how much I miss just seeing her. My job has been consuming my life and I have chosen to take my life back!! We were able to browse through stores, for no particular reason. We did not have to rush or get mad if we waited in line.

Laci even made our short outing interesting because she was running around at Kohl's being a typical 4 year old and she did her usual Laci thing and ran into a sign as she tried to jump on a bed they had set up. And for once, instead of getting upset with her, I actually stopped and cared to see what was wrong. I am so thankful that it was not her eye, because were the sign got her was at eye level. She had cut the inside of her ear open on the sign. Luckily mom had Kleenex with her to fix it! It bleed for 10 minutes, but I was there to help this time instead of anger.

After the ear gash, we made it to a bunch of other stops and were able to go out for lunch. As we ate, and yes to my amazement Laci ate her whole meal plus Grandma's carrots!! It was so nice just relaxing with my mom.

Happy Mother's Day Mom! Love You!

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