Friday, June 8, 2012

Learning new Patience

I started to stay home with the kids on Friday's recently. I always have wanted to and intended on things this way a LONG time ago. But life got in the way. I am learning patience. We have done trips to the grocery store a number of weeks in a row now. This week was better than last week. It is a whole new experience taking the kids by myself to the store. I know most of you probably do that already, but it has always been a challenge.

And yes, the house is a mess, but it is so much fun being able to watch and play with them. They are playing farm and it is exciting to see what they are building. The laundry can wait and so can the rest of the mess. They are only young once, so who cares!

We were even going to go and get library cards today, but apparently the library does not open until 10 am and we were there at 9. So another week, I guess!

What do you do that is fun with your kids? Looking for crafty ideas or just ideas in general.

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