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Why it PAYS to purchase your products through a COACH

So lately, I’ve heard of a lot of people asking, “Why should I pay full price and buy this workout/Shakeology/whatever from you when I can find it for cheaper on Amazon/eBay/Craigslist/etc.? I know you make commission, but…” And try as I might to explain it, sometimes it just needs a big ol’ write up for people to read, digest and understand why it is actually BETTER for you to purchase through a coach instead of taking your chances with that “mystery eBay seller,” no matter if they have 100% positive feedback or not. Yes, as a Coach, I do make commission on products that I sell. That is part of my business. But, if I wanted you to purchase through me just so I can make a few dollars, I am in this business for the WRONG REASONS. I want to help you and see you succeed. That is why I do this, and that is why I encourage you to purchase through a coach, whether it’s me or someone else you know that is a coach who you trust to guide you and help you along the way.

First, let me start you off with a little story. This was something that happened to a now-customer of mine. They were looking to try Shakeology, but just could not afford the cost of a one-month supply. They went on eBay, and found something described as a “full bag of Shakeology” for nearly half the price of a one month supply. They made the purchase through this eBay seller, and I received this email once their product was received:

“Melissa, I have to tell you, I’m really upset. I bought the green Shakeology off ebay, and they ripped me off. They said the bag was new, the photo showed a brand new and unopened bag, but I guess by “new” they meant I-took-a-scoop-or-two-and-didn’t-like-it-so-I’m-selling-it. It arrived in a box, and the bag had opened while it was shipping. Some of the powder was in the box, and that’s not including the scoops that they already took from their bag. Most of the shake was there, so I decided I’d try it anyway. Well I made one with straight water like it said on the bag, and I hated it! Soooo not only did I get a non-new bag that lost some of the shake in shipment, but I didn’t even LIKE it! The seller won’t let me return it and I can’t get my money back. Can you help me? What do I do?”

Unfortunately I had the heartbreaking task of telling them “Well, unfortunately since you didn’t purchase through Beachbody or Team Beachbody (your coach), there is nothing I can do to help this particular situation.” I had to explain that this is a fairly common thing that happens on places like eBay, craigslist and other person-to-person or discount websites. Not only can you not guarantee that the product is legit, as described and new, but you can’t even guarantee that you’ll enjoy it…and if you don’t, you can’t just return it and get your money back because you “don’t like it.” I mean, if you buy a movie off of an eBay seller, and you hate the movie, what happens? You say to yourself, “well, there goes x-dollars I’ll never get back.” You can’t return it because you didn’t enjoy the movie! In the end, I explained to them all of the things that this blog will break down, and now they are a loyal Shakeology HD customer (after switching to a flavor they enjoyed and learned that there are tons of recipes out there!), saving money by never paying shipping and losing weight by drinking their Shakeology every single day. Unfortunately they had to get burned in the process, but they learned that the initial investment of a little extra cash saves them time, stress, aggravation, PayPal and eBay struggles…and in the end, more money. Yes, saving money. Believe it. So here are my reasons why purchasing from a COACH are beneficial. Let’s start off with the obvious.

Customer Service and Product Guarantee:
As demonstrated in the situation above, when you purchase a product from a random person, whether it be through Amazon, eBay, Craigslist or any other place you would look to find “cheap stuff,” you absolutely cannot guarantee the product. The fact is, when you purchase through a Coach, you can be 100% certain that your product is not only a legally produced one, but it is guaranteed to work correctly, arrive new, arrive quickly and include all pieces in working condition. Think about it…unless you see them purchase the product, how can you guarantee that the P90X you just purchased for $50 from Joe Bob Smith in Nebraska is a legit, legal copy? You can’t! Sure, it can arrive in a nice box, the DVDs can look real, the packaging looks like it’s a “used copy and now he’s just passing it along,” but take a closer look. Are all of the booklets included? Is the original packaging really the original packaging? Is every DVD in there? Chances are, if someone is selling P90X to you and is willing to take $50, it’s probably not real or it’s missing pieces. People who have used a program like that know that it works, and they know what it’s worth…and $50 isn’t going to cut it unless something is missing. Now further, what if you take your chances anyway, and it turns out to actually be a legal, real product that does have all of the pieces. Ok, so Joe Bob just tried it and didn’t like it. He got it as a gift, so $50 was enough for him to part with it. Well thanks, Joe Bob, you’re a great guy for passing it along so someone else can use it. Well…what if you’re like Joe Bob? What if you try P90X (or Shakeology, or Turbo Fire, or whatever) and you just don’t like it?! What if the workouts aren’t your style? What if you find out that it’s not quite your level of fitness? What will you do then? Put it back on eBay and hope that someone out there pays the $50 you paid plus whatever shipping you may charge? Give it away and be out the $50? What will you do? Well, if you purchased through your coach, you can do a few things. You can speak to your coach and ask for their help, and maybe you will end up trying your workout anyway and realizing that your “I can’t do this” was only mental…and you’ll succeed and have great results. (See, this is what us coaches do!) Or alternatively, if you really decide you don’t like it, you have the option to return your product for ANY REASON (you could say because you’re allergic to Tony Horton’s shoe selection for all they care…because they won’t ask!) and get your money BACK. There is no risk in purchasing the products. Why? Because Beachbody and your Coach are so confident that their products work and they have directed you to the right one for YOU…that they are willing to take it back if they are wrong. Also, if you get a DVD that doesn’t work right, you can call up customer service, and they will replace it for you for free…sometimes an entire program replacement for a single DVD (and in many cases, they invite you to keep all of the original products, saving you the cost of shipping it back to them) Again, NO RISK! For any reason you decide, if you don’t like your product, you have 30 days (at least…some things come with more) to return it for a FULL refund (less s&h). This includes Shakeology, which has a bottom-of-the-bag guarantee. If after 30 days you don’t see how amazing it is…even if you’ve used the ENTIRE BAG, you can send back the bag and get your money back. So let’s recap: Chancing your purchase on eBay = no customer service, guarantee of authentic product, return policy or replacement of damaged goods. Getting it through a Coach = customer service, guidance, guarantee your product is authentic and legal, no questions asked return policy and product replacement for damaged goods. What you save: a giant hassle, shipping fees, “wasted cash” and stress.

Get on “HD” and save CASH on shipping. So let’s say you liked that bag of Shakeology that you paid a little bit less for. What happens when it’s empty? You go back to eBay and hope to find someone selling it for the same price and take your initial “is this real, new and safe” risk again? You could…but do you really think you’ll find someone else you can trust selling it for the same price? I don’t think so. You could go through your Coach this time and say “okay, I liked it, now I want to buy a bag.” And then every month you’ll buy a new bag and pay to have it shipped to your house. Well okay, that’s great, but when your Coach says to you, “hey, you loved this stuff, why not get on home direct?” (HD for short) He or she is not trying to “con” you into making a reoccurring monthly purchase, they are trying to save you money! No, seriously. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not you really like the Shakeology, ok, by all means, purchase a single bag whenever you’re ready for a refill. If you don’t drink it every day and you’re more of a once-a-week drinker, fine, buy a single bag and refill as necessary. But if you really do like this stuff and you see yourself scouring ebay and craigslist or amazon for a “great deal” every month, STOP STRESSING YOURSELF OUT. If you get on HD through your Coach, they can not only guarantee that you’ll pay the same amount every month, but it will be shipped to your door without you having to lift a finger…AND YOU WILL NOT PAY SHIPPING. Each monthly shipment waives the shipping fee. So there’s an instant hassle-free discount. And I won’t even bring up the ridiculously large discount you will get if you end up becoming a coach yourself. So if you try a product and you like it, stop wasting your time trying to find the next “great deal” every month, GET ON HD. You can get on HD with not only Shakeology, but products like Energy & Endurance Formula, ActiVit Multivitamins and more. What you save: CASH! (and the hassle of trying to find a new, reputable eBay seller selling your product for the right price every 30 days)

Buy from a Coach, get BONUS WORKOUTS.
That’s right. You read that correctly. In many cases, there are products released by Beachbody that are only available for purchase through your coach! That’s not including products that you can buy early through your coach. Many times, when new products are released, the people who have access to them FIRST are Coaches and customers who have a personal coach already assigned to them (or know a Coach and are ready to get involved!) So if you see a Facebook post from your Coach that says “only available through me,” they aren’t lying! It may be only available through them at that time, or it may be a “through your coach only” forever exclusive. For instance, the new TurboFire workouts, bonus P90X DVDs, bonus INSANITY workouts…and more! These are things that you can only purchase if you have a coach! So buy through your coach, and get access to exclusive workouts. It’s simple. What you save: Well, this one isn’t so much a “save” as it is a “na-na-na-na-na-na, I have a coach, so I have something you don’t have, Amazon buyer!”

Save Money on Payment Plans.
I know many of you have seen the infomercials for products like Insanity, P90X, TurboFire, Brazil Butt Lift…you name it. And in the infomercials, they offer a really killer payment plan. Something like “Try P90X for $14.95!” And yes, I realize that most of you already know that when you “Try P90X for $14.95 + s&h” you’re not only paying $14.95…it’s a payment plan. You give them your information, they bill you until the balance is paid off. This shouldn’t be a shock to any of you. But here’s what you probably don’t realize! While the payment plan may be convenient, did you know that it will actually end up costing you MORE? I’m not saying that it’s going to cost you $100 extra by doing the payment plan, but it’s a significant amount. (The exact number depends on the program you choose, of course.) So if you have the funds available, if you are serious about getting fit, and you want to save a little money in the long run, pay the full amount up front through your coach, and you will be left with money in your pocket when all is said and done. Granted, if you know you can’t afford $120 for P90X up front, and the payment plan is the only way you can get it, I encourage you to do so because you know that the product is legit when you buy through the infomercial. The only thing I suggest you do is make sure to call up customer service when you can, and let them know that “your friend so-and-so is a coach, and if it’s possible you would like to be assigned to their team.” Maybe not on day 1, but make sure you do it if you are looking for help and guidance and you’d prefer a friend over a randomly assigned person. It doesn’t cost anything to have a coach, so do it! Anyway, purchase through a coach by using the one time purchase price instead of the payment plans. What you save: CASH MONEY. And…What you get that you won’t from the infomercial: Support from a coach who you already know and can trust.

Purchase it from a Coach, get accountability.
Here’s another comment I heard from a friend recently. When asked why they purchased Insanity and where they got it, they said, “I bought it from the Beachbody site. I thought about going to Amazon or something, but I figured that if I spend the money on it, it’s going to encourage me to do it and do it right.” So true! Think about it. If by some stroke of luck, you found Insanity for $10 on eBay, and by some miracle it was not only a legitimate copy with all of the information included, all functioning DVDs and it was in great condition” Well SCORE, right? Err….maybe not. What happens when on day 3 or 4 you realize, hey, this workout is kinda tough. I’m not sure I want to do it anymore. Well for $10, you’re not going to feel bad. “It was only $10, so who cares if I never use it?” Ok that’s fine, but basically you just wasted $10 for a giant paperweight to gather dust in your cabinet. I mean, if that’s how you want to spend your extra money, go ahead. I’d rather take that $10 and spend it on a cute pair of earrings or something. But that’s just me. When you’re spending “that little” on a product, the fact is that if you don’t give it your all, you’re not only going to see VERY LIMITED success (if any at all), but you’re not going to feel bad because “you only spent $10.” If you were serious about getting fit, you would purchase through a Beachbody Coach, and you not only would have that support from your Coach themselves (and the community…which we will get to later) but you will have that feeling of “Man, I just paid full price for this. I’m going to follow every step, and I’m going to make this happen.” (And remembering that you still have that money back guarantee if you realize after a few workouts that “whoa, this isn’t for me.”) You have that personal accountability, and when you purchase through a coach, you know you’re more likely to use the product, use it the way it is intended, stick to your schedule and GET RESULTS…all because you don’t want to say “yeah, I wasted my money.” What you save: frustration, lack of commitment, lack of guidance and…in this example, the $10 you spent on your paperweight.

When you purchase through Team Beachbody, you join a community of others with goals like yours. Team Beachbody is exactly what it sounds like – it is a TEAM of BEACHBODY customers with weight loss goals, fitness goals, nutritional goals and big dreams. Truth be told, there are THOUSANDS of members hanging out with us on the message boards, in the SuperGym and creating profiles. They all realize something that you may not if you’re still searching high and low for “a good deal.” By becoming a member of the Beachbody Community, they have access to things like trainer tip videos, meal planning tools, message boards, coach support and more! One of my favorite features is the free SuperGym. As a Team Beachbody member, you have access to an area of the website where you can log your workouts live (just click, workout and you’re done) and get the chance to win CASH EVERY DAY. This is no foolin’! I’ve won twice. Both times were $300 checks sent straight to my mailbox. This is for real. When you get your product on eBay…you don’t get this feature. Plus, in addition to the SuperGym daily contest, there are CONSTANTLY new contests being run for Team Beachbody members that can win you anything from free workout programs to…ready for this…HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. No joke. People win these prizes every day. Do you win prizes when you buy a cheap knock off product? No. How about a real product but…used, via craigslist? Nope. Still nothing. Buy from a Coach, have the opportunity to win prizes. It’s that easy. What you GAIN: The opportunity to win CASH just for working out, tips, videos, planners and community support.

But most importantly, you get the support of a personal coach and community of Beachbody Customers. If you have a question about your workout, the community is there. If you have a question they can’t answer, your coach is there 100%. If you are looking for someone to motivate you to push harder, your coach is there. If you’re looking for people in your area to get together with and do your TurboFire workouts, the community members (and Fit Clubs!) are there. If you’re ever in need of ANYTHING, your coach and community are here to support you. When you are assigned a coach, you have a mentor and a friend FOR AS LONG AS YOU REMAIN WITH THEM. Your coach is not just “a person who makes commission when they sell you a product.” Your coach is A COACH. We are here to guide you and support you in every aspect of your health and fitness journey. We know that getting in shape is hard work. But you are MORE SUCCESSFUL when you have the support of someone who understands what you’re going through! Most of us Coaches are success stories ourselves! Some of us are ripped, some of us are just starting out. Some of us have lost 20lbs and some have lost over 100! Some of us are looking to build muscle, some of us are looking to lose that last 5lbs..and some of us just want to maintain. Whatever your situation, there are tons of people who have lived it! When you purchase through a coach, you get a friend, mentor, guide and “liaison” to customer service. Our passion for these products is beyond “financial freedom.” While it’s a perk, it’s not why we’re here! We TRULY LOVE these products. We use them, we live by them, we have had success and have seen and guided others to have success too! We are here on a mission to help you succeed, no matter what it takes. We are here to help you find what makes you “tick,” what motivates you, what inspires you, what will help you reach your goals. When you buy a used product from someone on craigslist, chances are they don’t care about anything but you handing over the cash. So when you’re struggling, where are you going to turn? Sure, you can ask your friends for advice, but if they’re not coaches, they can’t REALLY HELP YOU. And even if your friend is a Coach, if you went to craigslist to purchase a used product because “it was cheaper,” you’re not really showing dedication, and chances are that you won’t really get much help because you won’t “want to hear” what a Coach has to say. Because a Coach will encourage you to join the community and do everything that I have said here already. This is what we do because we BELIEVE. We LOVE. We PRAISE because WE USE. Get your product from a coach, and get ALL of the help you could ever need. What you save: frustration and the desire to give up. What you GAIN: a community of like-minded individuals setting fitness and health goals, ongoing support and drive to ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS.

So think about it. Is saving a few dollars by getting a “cheap” copy of your favorite workout doing you any favors? Is it really too much to ask to budget $4 a day into your grocery budget? (And, you’re not “adding” the $4, you’re replacing something ELSE with that $4…like your $7 fast food lunch, so you’re actually saving money here) Is saving a few dollars on occasion REALLY WORTH IT? Now, I’m not saying to blow your budget on something if you can’t afford it. I know times are tough, and not everyone is going to be able to afford a program right away. And remember, if you do want to make more money to be able to afford these things, I will always invite you to join my team as a Coach and do what I do to inspire others…and have a little extra cash!) I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be money conscious and shop for a great bargain. What I AM saying is that sometimes you need to consider what you’re spending more on and what you’re “cutting back on,” and rethink your priorities. Remember that your health and fitness is not just “a perk.” Sure, looking good is nice, but when you truly put your heart into your workouts and nutrition, they will serve you for life. Purchasing a quality workout program or nutritional supplement is AN INVESTMENT. You are investing in yourself. You are investing in your future. You are creating healthy habits that you will spread to your family. You are investing in your children, parents and friends by showing them your success and healthy lifestyle. You are more than worth the extra money it may cost to purchase a LEGIT program over a burned copy. You are worth every one of the perks above, and you are worth more than your wallet. So yes, be budget conscious, that’s fine…lord knows I am! But remember that fitness is not a luxury item. Health is not a luxury item. They are an investment in yourself and your future. Purchase your products the right way and the benefits WILL SHOW, whether in your wallet, your lifestyle, your weight, your clothes or your happiness.

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