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PYRAMID SCHEME? What is an MLM and what is Beachbody

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Is Beachbody a pyramid scheme?

It seems that there is a lot of confusion out there regarding what a pyramid scheme is and what a multilevel marketing or network marketing company is. A lot of people have had a negative experience with someone whom they felt was “pushing them to join” or buy their products. I believe that it is because of this confusion combined with the negative experience that a lot of people associate multilevel marketing companies with pyramid schemes. Beachbody is not a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes are illegal in the United States and most other countries. Beachbody is a multi-million dollar company with infomercials on just about every network out there. They also have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Click HERE for information about what it takes for a company as large as Beachbody is to be awarded the highest rating given to companies by the BBB. If Beachbody were a pyramid scheme, they would not have been given (or even considered for) that rating by the BBB. If Beachbody were a pyramid scheme, the government would shut them down quickly. There wouldn’t be infomercials on nearly every network, and the CEO Carl Daikler, wouldn’t be making public appearances or interviews on major news networks. People running Pyramid schemes stay out of the public eye.
See for yourself. Watch the video or click the link below to visit the BBB.

Pyramid schemes can’t get a rating like THIS.

So what is Beachbody? It’s a multilevel marketing business where individuals can become what is essentially a franchise holder in a multimillion dollar business. These franchise holders called COACHES, help introduce others to the health and fitness programs that Beachbody produces. The Coaches also help people with their questions by offering recommendations based on their experience with the products and programs. It’s people who were customers, who have gone through or are going through the programs, consuming the products like Shakeology or the P90X Results & Recovery drink and are telling others about them. I see it as being similar to people posting reviews on sites like Amazon.com about products they’ve bought or tried and other people buying (or not buying) based on their recommendations.

Pyramid schemes on the other hand offer no products actual products. The illusion of profit is developed through the sign up fees new people pay to join the program. Pieces of this fee are distributed up the chain to those already in the program.

Not a pyramid scheme

Beachbody is people helping people. People who have changed their lives and transformed their bodies to live happier and healthier. Having made these changes, these people became Coaches. They do it to help others because they know what it took for them to change, and how good it felt to have help along the way. Pyramid schemes only hurt and ruin people.

Beachbody is nothing like a pyramid scheme. Beachbody is a company on a mission to help people. Obesity is an epidemic in America. A Pyramid Scheme would not be trying to End the Trend. Contact me if you want free coaching or want to join my team and help End the Trend of Obesity.

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