Saturday, December 8, 2012

3 Tips for a Busy Mom Trying to Lose Weight

 As a busy mom you know how hard it can be to make time to lose weight. These tips can help you as you take the steps to lose weight and change your diet and exercise plan.

1. Make the time.

You might be TOO busy- thanks Melissa, as if I didn't know that. I say this to you with so much love, you may need to take a good look at your schedule and cut a few things out if you are really going to lose weight and keep it off. Have you been putting everyone as a priority over yourself? Between work, kids, the house, friends, and family if you don't have even 30 minutes 5 times a week to sneak a workout in you are TOO busy! I'm sure you have many family obligations, but I'd like you to make sure that your kids schedules aren't running your lives and that there is time for everyone to get needs met- including YOU!

Often I hear the solution to this is to get up earlier, do it before work, be dedicated. So what about your sleep? Many times I see a pattern where women are finally being 'dedicated' by getting up at some crazy hour and within a month they are sick with a cold. Sleep is as vital to your body as exercise. So unless you are going to be going to bed an hour earlier to make up for the hour you lose by getting up earlier I would like for you to cut something else out.

2. Track your calories/food the night before.

If you don't have a menu plan you will most likely overeat. Sometimes due to a lack of self-control and sometimes it's truly an accident as you have no idea how many hidden calories are in foods. What I try to do is outline about 2/3 of my calories for the following day so I know what to expect. If we will be out for dinner I can plan the rest of my day to be more careful to account for extra calories that will happen at dinner. (Side note with food, be very careful when it comes to extreme cutting of your favorite foods. This will likely lead to a binge within several weeks. Cut things out slowly and find replacements that are healthier.)

I try to always plan out where we might go to eat, when we have to be out for lunch or dinner.  Before going, because I do not have internet on my phone yet, I try to find the menu and nutrition for the restaurant on line before going out and pick a meal from there.  I know at most restaurants I can have them not add things like cheese or mayo to make it fit better into where I want to be calorie wise for the day.  I find it useful that there is so much information out there these days!  There is no reason you can’t fit a couple of minutes into your schedule to plan too.  Besides, if the kids are with you, then you don’t have to spend the time trying to figure out what you want to eat, you already know!!  Log your food and bring your own lunch/snacks to work. Carry a good protein bar in your purse to eat if you end up at a lunch meeting where there are no healthy options. It's YOUR life, who cares if people think you are being anal? This is about you and not them.

3. Be realistic

Is the goal you have set for yourself realistic in time and is it achievable? Please don't post a picture of a woman who is a fitness professional as your standard if all you dream to do is fit in your favorite jeans. You may never be a size 4, but how good would a size 8 feel? If you do want to look like a fitness professional, you need to be fully aware of the strict diet and workout schedule they follow and know that it can fit into your life. If it can, and it's something you want, then go for it and don't make any excuses. But if you are a mom who just wants to lose the weight that is zapping your energy and confidence it can be done with a few small changes.

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