Sunday, December 16, 2012

My 3 Day Shakeology Cleanse

So it hit me on Sunday night about 7 pm that I needed to do something different.  I had been eating healthy, but have been clogged up in a not so pleasant way for almost 2 weeks.  I still went, but not like I needed to.  The stress of the holidays, work, kids and an intense workout program has sent my body into a loop.  SO instead of complaining about it any longer, I decided that I was going to do something that I have recommended to so many other people and give the Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse a try.  There are so many different ways to do go about eating those 3 days, but I decide that I would use part of my guide that I have here and modify to help me get through it.  I weighed Monday morning at 122.8 lbs. 

I get up and exercise at 5 am on weekdays, so in order to survive my workout I grabbed about 15 grams of a frozen banana, which is a pretty typical thing I do.  I decided since I need my system to reboot, to try yoga instead of lifting or cardio.  I pulled out the Turbo Fire Stretch40 video and relaxed!  It was the best 40 minutes of my day!  Then for breakfast, I made my first shake.  I usually add unsweetened almond milk and extra protein powder.  Monday I did not.  I actually thought the shake was just as tasty with water and a small portion of banana (about 65 grams).  I did miss my waffles that I usually eat as well, but the results are worth it.  I had a snack about 10:15 of another banana, just eating what I had at home, yes rather boring!  Then I had another chocolate shake for lunch around noon.  My mid afternoon snack was an apple and some raw almonds.  I made for supper a piece of Tilapia and a huge lettuce salad, with iceberg, spinach, red pepper, black olives, green onion and lemon juice.  It was the best salad I have had in a long time!  Then before the kids went to bed I had another shake, even though I was rather full, I knew I needed the calories for the day and enjoyed every drop! I had a cup of green tea in the morning and after supper as well.

Yes Monday was full of bathroom visits.  Not the kind you might think with a cleanse.  Water was leaving my body and I went and went.  I weighed in on Tuesday morning at 120.8.  That is 2 lbs my body has flushed out of water and toxins.  I am so relieved that it is working!  My energy levels are similar to most days if not higher.  I had been felling sluggish before I started the cleanse for quite sometime, so not feeling that way was a huge relief.  And yes I dropped anchor twice after getting up Tuesday morning!  Not the runs, just regular poop!  You will not be like the colon blow guy scene in Van Wilder movie, just pleasant and stomach flattening.

Tuesday, I enjoyed a similar setup with exercise and breakfast.  Instead of a banana in the morning I had a green apple and some raw almonds.  Lunch was yet again the chocolate shake.  Did I mention I love chocolate!  Enjoyed a banana and a green apple for a snack in the afternoon as well.  When I got home I had a few more raw almonds and then waited for supper.  I baked myself chicken with garlic powder and cumin on it and made a large salad on the side.  It was delicious.  I will admit I made the family meatloaf and the smells that it gave, were enough to drive me nuts.  I love my meatloaf, but I know I want results from this cleanse so I did not give into my temptations.  I was still hungry after supper but waited about an hour and then had my last shake of the day.  I did add blueberries to it for a few more calories.  Then to warm back up, because yes I love my shakes with ice, I had my last cup of green tea.  Was feeling a bit on Tuesday evening with allergy/sinus issues, so I went to bed just a bit early.

Of course going to bed early, made me wake up earlier, so Wednesday I got up at 4:20 and popped in my Yoga X tape for 92 minutes of pure pleasure.  I weighed in Wednesday morning at 119.6, dropped 1 more pound.  My stomach looked flatter than the day before and had a couple of nice #2's.  I am excited about this, because it had been such a problem in the past few weeks.  I also noticed that the mom battle scars that the kids blessed me with were more wrinkly Wednesday morning as well, so I know a lot of the water that my system was holding continued to pass.  Enjoyed a Vegan Chocolate Shakeology for breakfast with banana in it!  And then a cup of green tea.  Felt really good Wednesday morning after not feeling on top of the world Tuesday night.

So my final weigh in, I lost a total of 4 pounds!  I ended up at 118.6!  I have to say I am proud that I finally gave the Shakeology 3 day cleanse a try and tried it!  I felt great all day on Thursday.  I did avoid dairy products Thursday, because I did not want to add too many things I had not eaten for a few days back into my diet all at once.  I did enjoy those waffles I missed so much though! 

I have been regular since as well, and plan to have that to continue!

Post any questions below here on my blog!  I would love to answer anything I can!

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  1. This is great!! Thanks for posting about Shakeology Cleanse. Nice to know that there are good for us! keep up the good work.


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