Saturday, July 6, 2013

Learning to be Gluten Free

So over the last few years, the more healthy I have become the worse my stomach feels. I had been looking 4 to 6 months pregnant as the day would progress and it was so uncomfortable by supper that I would just eat out of frustration.  I also felt so tired and sluggish by mid afternoon that I could barely get the ambition to get out of a chair to do anything.  My legs would feel like 80 lb. weights and I was in a fog.  So 3 weeks ago, I decided to give a try to a gluten free diet.  Since then I have also cut out coffee and caffeine and I had my doc see if I could try some different b/c pills.

It is challenging in some ways to not have bread, but by how much better I am feeling, I can say it is completely worth it!  I don't feel hungry all of the time and I am not looking pregnant by supper time.  Each day seems to be getting a little better for my stomach!

I am finding as I research that there are a few restaurants that do gluten free as well, which I have to say is a life saver, because I cannot always be home to eat.  Noodles and Company has been a great place to eat!  Though I try not to eat out very much, it does happen!

I am starting to bake with different kinds of flours to see if I can make real buns to have with burgers.  I am looking forward to the new challenge.  I will be posting recipes and tips as I go because I want to share the better feeling I am having with you.

I am reading Wheat Belly by William Davis, MD and find it so interesting!  It describes a lot of how I have been feeling for so long.  Honestly I have felt the way I was feeling for so long, I cannot pin point just when it started.  Looking back, in my journey to get healthy, I truly believe that the wheat that I have been using in most things I cook with, has had a major impact on the last few years of my life.  I am looking to the future to see how much better I can feel with this new way of living.

Yes it is going to limit where I can eat out or things we can do, for now, but from what I can tell, a lot of companies are working to help people that want to be gluten free or have to be to live and or enjoy life more.

I have not been tested currently for a gluten intolerance, but after the changes I have made and how much different I feel, I am pretty sure that I am in some way allergic to it. 

I can't wait to share my recipes I come up with, with you!

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